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  • Has your Microsoft SQL 7 / 2000 / 2005 database been compromised by a SQL Injection attack?
  • Do you think your Microsoft SQL database might have been attacked by a SQL Injection, but don’t really know?
  • Does your Microsoft SQL based application or website now display additional strange text that you did not input?
  • If the attack inserted malicious script strings to your database and you are looking for a fast fix to have your site quickly back up and running, contact us now.

If you just can’t wait another minute, call to get a Completely confidential consultation.

478-787-6700 direct to our MS SQL Expert.

You need to have your website fixed from this SQL Injection mess.

Of course you could do it yourself, or have somebody else in the office work on this, but if you pay us to do it, you’ll get what you want a whole lot faster.

SQL Injection attacks have picked up recently. There has been a wave of SQL injection attacks that have hit many small operators as well much larger organizations being attacked by SQL Injection. This now includes Cold Fusion SQL Injection attacks.

Many of our current clients tried to fix their infected database on their own. As a small business ourselves, we understand that. The problem is, this is a very specialized area of database administration. We have also talked with many businesses that have limped along for weeks, restoring a “good” version of their database once they saw their current database posting corrupted information. Run you business like a business, get that site fixed now! After cleaning your database of the SQL Injection infection we can then work with you to work on preventing SQL Injection in the future.

SQL injection cleaning of your database is needed if you see text appear in your website similar to the following:

nihaorr1 | hostpinoy | xprmn4u | nmidahena | winzipices | aspder | jueduizuan | bluell | xvgaoke | hao929 | kisswow | urkb | uc8010 | rnmb | ririwow | killwow1 | xiaobaishan | qiqigm | wowgm1 | wowyeye | computershello | tlcn | z008 | qiqicc | direct84 | caocaowow | qiuxuegm | locale48 | firestnamestea | fami4ka | redir94 | rexec39 | en-us18 | rundll92 | sysid72 | n.uc8010 | libid53 | qiqi111 | heartgames | logid83 | adw95 | cookieadw | bannerupd | nb88 | bigadnet | cool0 | flyzhu | sslnet72 | advertbnr | script46 | fengnima | tag58 | banner82 | smeisp | hoursebuilds | adsitelo | okey123 | kaobt | nihao112 | aidushu | chliyi | edivid | ucmal | dota11 | adword71 | killpp | cmiia | sslput4 | exe94 | usuc | advabnr | siteid38 | sshamof | refer68 | newasp | wowgm2 | scriptadpzo | dvabnr | adwbnr | alzhead | ausbnr | b.js | bnradw | cdport | cdrpoex | chinabnr | chkadw | chkbnr | cliprts | coldwop | gbradw | hdrcom | ngg.js | nopcls | pingadw | pingbnr | pyttco | tctcow | usaadw | z008 | heartgames

Here is a list of new domains involved in the recent SQL injection attacks. These domains may also appear on your website is a SQL Injection attack victim:
sid36.com, cert83.com, bank84.com, asp72.com,
appid37.com, batch29.com, rid34.com, st212.com, lang34.com, apps84.com, dbupdr.com, hlpgetw.com, getbwd.com, tid62.com, cid26.com, dl251.com, app52.com, update34.com, asp707.com, aspssl63.com, aspx49.com, base48.com, batch29.com, bin963.com, bios47.com, westpacsecuresite.com

If you are looking for a SQL Injection Script to do-it-yourself, you are in the wrong place. Besides, you will waste more time and lose more money with this strategy. Whether is was blind SQL Injectin or a SQL Injection on your IIS system, we will fix your SQL Injection problem.

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