eClinicalWorks Hardware

I need Computers or Printers or Scanner or Tablets–HELP!

To immediately get a hardware pricing sheet from us, and detailed answers to the above questions, fill in your name and primary email below and we’ll shoot you an email with the current pricing list attached.

I need someone to manage this project

Call 787-4157 for a no-obligation discussion.   Make no doubt about it, this is a major project. To avoid disaster, you need to have somebody familiar with technology in charge of this project. The hiccups and mistakes we’ve seen are amazing. Do yourself a favor and have this done right.  We work as an advocate f0r YOU!

Here is some more to think about…

Should I get laptops, tablets or desktop computers?

This depends on your technical comfort level. Using a tablet can help you become more efficient with patient records, but may be cumbersome. Laptops have their place in an office, but if you don’t need to be moving a computer around, you can get a desktop pc for half the cost of a laptop and about 1/3 the cost of a tablet pc…

Should I get the hosted version of eClinicalWorks?

This can’t be answered without a thorough look at practice size and desires. In general a small practice will save the most with the hosted version. No matter what the practice size, the reduced hardware costs of a server can really make sense…

Will my new computers have Windows 7 on them?

Yes, any new computers purchased will have Windows 7.  We have seen no issues with ECW running on Windows 7

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