Source Once Network Solutions does not pay technicians

by V-1 Solutions on August 2, 2013

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At the beginning of the year we received a call from Source One Network Solutions recruiting to do some work for them.

Source One Does not payWe accomplished the first job on January 10, 2013.

They called us out for additional jobs on January 21, 2013 and March 3, 2013.

We have not been paid yet.

I have contacted them many times and get weak stories.

IF you are considering doing IT work for them, do so at your own risk.

IF you are considering using them as your IT outsourcer, realize this is how they treat their subcontractors…chances are good you’ll get LOW quality work as they run off IT folks for lack of payment.

Here is some more information for those thinking we may be a unique situation:

Source One Network Solutions Does not pay

Source One Network Solutions Does not pay

And from their Facebook page:

Source One Network Solutions Does not pay

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