AVG 2012 Upgdate Process

by V-1 Solutions on October 1, 2011

in 2 Minute Tech

It’s that time again, time for AVG to push out a major update to their anti-virus package.

To reduce confusion I have taken some screen shots to help walk y0u through this process.

Be aware: there is an addition to this version of AVG that will completely eliminate your browser history upon installation.

For those of you that do not open multiple browser tabs during your web browsing experience, while not saving the sites at bookmarks, this is not an issue.

Start by clicking the Free Update button.

If you are using the Free version of AVG, and want to continue this way, click Basic Protection on the screen.
If you want to upgrade to the paid version, click Full Protection below.

Finalize by filling in this last screen to your desire, the click Restart Now.

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