Vacuum and Battery Backup Don’t Mix

by V-1 Solutions on June 1, 2011

in 2 Minute Tech

We just got a call from a client in a panic.

Somebody had plugged a vacuum cleaner into the battery backup.

Not something I’ve ever really considered.

Want to know what happens?

Pretty quickly the circuit breaker on the battery backup pops…and everything plugged into that battery backup dies.

The whole point of battery backup is to be able to save and close documents when a power failure occurs.
Also, a battery backup will save you when you get that little power “blip” that will shut down your computer and you’ll lose everything if not saved.

So, when you zap your battery backup, you defeat your protective system quickly.

No electronics appear to be damages, but the router did have all setting wiped somehow.

Just to be clear: do NOT plug a vacuum cleaner into your battery backup.

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