Leaving the Country with your Cell Phone

by V-1 Solutions on May 25, 2011

in 2 Minute Tech

Summer is basically here.

Your travels are probably about to really pick up.

Some of you will be leaving the country.

Here are a few things to consider before you go.

Canada / Mexico / Bahamas

Don’t get caught with crazy roaming charges.

If you are “only” going slightly out of the country, your best bet is to call  your cell phone carrier and see if they have a temporary plan for you.

Even if they do have a plan to hold the cost down, you may still want to turn off your cell phone, or the cell phone portion of your smart phone, as every incoming call & text will cost you more.

Crossing the “Pond”

If you are going to Europe you should still see what options your cell provider has, but if you expect to be making a lot of calls within the continent (not just back to the states), you should consider buying a “disposable” phone.

Just like here, you can buy a cell phone about anywhere in Europe and buy a few chunks of minutes at a time.

This may very well be the most cost-effective way to operate in another country if you will be there any amount of time.


Wherever you go, if you are taking a laptop/tablet (iPad) be sure to install Skype.
Skype is extremely handy, just make sure you test it out before your leave.

Calling Cards

Don’t forget about the old stand by calling card.  IDT and some others sell cards so you can call from land lines at reasonable rates.

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